Experts and consultants for machines, machinery safety, technical documentation, health and safety, fire safety and explosion prevention. Safety engineers and health and safety coordinators.


We welcome you to our website. As competent consultants we are glad to support you in all matters regarding machines and industrial plants, work safety and construction sites:

  • as experts and consultants
  • as safety engineers and SiGeKos (coordinators for health and safety measures at construction sites)
  • as technical writers
  • as appraisers

For more than 25 years our experts have been working in special purpose machine engineering as well as machinery safety. Furthermore, we have more than 20 years of experience with international standards for machine engineering, machinery and work safety.

With our services we would like to support you with your daily challenges concerning, e.g.:

  • Placing and operation of machines and industrial plants on markets
  • Providing and operation of work equipment, related risk analysis and safety concepts
  • Drafting, writing and reviewing technical documentation
  • Realization & application of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Adherence of the workplaces ordinance, Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV)
  • Periodic tests of work equipment according to UVV and TRBS, etc.
  • Obligations adherence of operators according to the Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV)
  • Preparing hazard assessments / explosion prevention documents (GefStoffV) (UVV)


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In the following you will find an overview of our services. For more information simply click the respective service.

Expert opinions and expertises for courts
  • Loss, cause and value assessments for machines
  • Conservation of evidence for loss adjustments
  • Expertises for courts
  • Investigations on causes of loss
  • Cause of loss reconstruction, loss analysis
  • Repair costs determination
  • Machine value assesments for insurance institutes & banks
  • Analysis on transport demages
  • Assesments relating performance increases of machines
  • Evaluation of transportation damages
  • Expert reports and consulting for machine and industrial plants, incomplete machines, partial machines, and fictures
Technical Documentation
Reviewing and consulting concerning technical documentation, as:

  • Research on standards and regulation
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Operating & Installation instructions
  • Operating instructions

according e.g. the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and the applying policies, DIN EN ISO 20607, DIN EN 82079-1, ANSI Z535.6, etc.

Accident Prevention Regulation Tests (UVV)
Periodic tests of work appliances according to the Technical Rules for Operational Safety (TRBS), and the Accident Prevention Regulation (UVV)

  • Crane systems, load handling devices, winches and hoists
  • Presses, power-operated gates
  • Hydraulic lifts and vehicular lifts
  • Forklift trucks, storage facilities, storage & retrieval vehicles, etc.
CE – Compliance of machines
  • Compliance tests of machines and industrial facilities according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and the applying policies
  • Identification of points of danger and hazards
  • Development and construction of safety concepts in order to prevent and reduce danger in collaboration
  • Issueing risk assessments according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Consulting services relating inherent safe construction according DIN EN ISO 12100 of machines and the conduction of safety technology for machines and industrial plants
  • Consulting services relating the construction of “safe machines” and safety engineering for machines and industrial facilities
  • Consulting services for repairs, updates and upgrades of machines under consideration of economic factors and required protective measures
Work equipment
  • Work equipment assessments according article 5 of the Directive on saftey for work appliances 2009/104/EG. (Arbeitsmittelrichtlinie, European Law)
  • Hazard assessments according § 3 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV, German Law)
  • Work equipment assessments according § 10 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV, German Law)
Fire protection
  • Support with the setup of an operational fire protection organisation
  • Determination of the current status of the fire protection
  • Preparation of fire protection analysis, fire protection concepts and fire protection codes according to DIN 14096
  • Audit and consulting concerning a preventative and integrated fire protection as fire prevention officer
  • Preparation of escape and rescue plans according to ASR A2.3 and DIN ISO 23601
Creating presentations, training and instruction documents
On e.g. the following topics:

  • Safety instructions and training
  • Seminars on technical and specialised topics (quality, occupational safety, machine safety, legal regulations, standards, etc.)
Work safety and health management
  • Support with the implementation of safety and health protection management systems according to ISO 45001
  • Execution, controls, consulting
Explosion protection
Preparing hazard assessments / explosion protection documents according to Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GeffStoffV)
Work safety – Safety related services
“Safety related services” as external professional in work safety, i.e. according to the Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV, German Law)
Health and safety protection coordinator - SiGeKo
Health & Safety Coordinator according to the Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV, German Law)
Training & Coaching
  • CE – compliance of machines
  • National and european policies
  • Issueing technical documentation

Target audience: foremen, technicians, constructors, project leaders, executives, managing directors

Elaboration of project specifications
Support on the elaboration of tender documents i.e. for manufacturers and operators as well as the support on preparing terms of delivery and service provision for procurement purposes (machine and industrial plants), i.e. legal minimum requirements.



Below you will find a list of our experts’ qualifications. Click the respective file in order to open it.

About Us

Experience and skills

  • Experts for machines and materials handling technology
  • Consultants and Appraisers for machine engineering
  • Project Management, Project Coordination, Project Controlling
  • Head of Technology, Operational Manager and Head of Design
  • Sales, proposal preparation, preparations of specifications
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Crane construction and mounting, load handling devices
  • Special machine engineering for steel mills, steel plants and Open-die forges
  • Process plants and machines for the recycling industry
  • Production plants for the automotive industry
  • Member of the DIN Standard Committee Machine Engineering (NAM) CEN/TC 147 Crane – Safety and Member of the DIN Standard Committee Power-operated storage facilities (SpA CEN/TC 149/WG 4)
  • Preparation and audit of technical documentation according to DIN EN 82079-1 and ANSI Z535
  • Test of machines according to european directives
  • Work safety and health protection for business and industry
  • Occupational safety and health protection on construction sites – SiGeKo


To contact us please call us or write us an email. We will get in touch with you soonest possible.


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